A missing young Cuban appears dead

The young Cuban Alessandro Rodríguez Aguiar was found dead in Santa Clara after a week reported missing.

“Relatives and friends of the young man who disappeared in Santa Clara since last Friday, January 7, have just confirmed the sad news that His lifeless body appeared in areas of the University of Medical Sciences“, reported the journalist Francisnet Díaz Rondón.

As Díaz published on his Facebook profile, “the Criminalistics Unit, Legal Medicine, the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) and other entities are working hard to clarify this unfortunate fact.”

According to one of the reports of the young man’s disappearance, given on Facebook by Yaquelín Quintana, Rodríguez Aguiar had an exam on the morning of January 7 at the Martha Abreu Central University in Santa Clara. “Your phone turns off,” he said in his post.

He specified that the boy was not used to “getting lost or being away from home.”

Two other disappearances in the last year in Cuba, that of the adolescent José Manuel López Piña, in Campechuela, Granma, and that of the 17-year-old Yordy Abizain Bandera, in the municipality of Florida, Camagüey, have also they ended in tragedy, when their bodies appeared lifeless days later.

This Saturday, former political prisoner Ángel Moya denounced that Cuban teenager Yenys Laura Pedroso Ramirez has been missing since yesterday.

“According to her uncle Daniel Salcedo, a former political detainee, her 14-year-old niece left her house yesterday morning (7:40 AM) on her way to school and never arrived. She adds that her mother made the complaint on the afternoon of yesterday (Friday) and that until now (6:28 AM today) he has not had a response and attention from the Police,” Moya wrote on his Facebook profile.

According to Salcedo, “more than 30 years ago a sister of the father of the disappeared girl also disappeared and the police never gave an answer and he is concerned that the conduct of those responsible for investigating and responding will be repeated.”

Yenys Laura Pedroso Ramirez lives at Calle Destampe #457 between Carmen and Patrocinio, Diez de Octubre, in Havana.

Today they remain unaccounted fora 16-year-old Cuban teenager Madeleysis Rosales Rodríguez, disappeared more than seven months ago, and Yosvany Villar Ávila, 15, whose family has not heard from him for more than a year.