A mobilization in Chartres for the Albanian family of Dreux threatened with expulsion

Ardjan Dukaj, his wife and three children were surrounded by their relatives and their lawyer this Saturday, October 23. This Albanian family who has lived in Dreux for four and a half years is now threatened with deportation “within fifteen days”, announces Céline Le Guay, member of the collective of the Reception of exiles and regularization of undocumented migrants (Aerésp28).

A demonstration has already been organized in Dreux on Wednesday 20 October.

Dreux’s family threatened with deportation to Albania, very surrounded during the demonstration

“It’s urgent”

The lawyer and the member of the collective want the situation to be reassessed “as soon as possible. There is a way of regularization if the family has lived five years in France, worked there and the children are in school. We ask to wait for this period, which brings us to February 2022 “. At the end, the lawyer of the family will reconstitute a file.

“The objective of this gathering is to educate as many people as possible, but above all to be able to meet the prefecture as soon as possible. We simply want to delay things and clarify the situation. But there is an emergency”, insists Céline Le Guay .

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For the father of a family, time is the enemy. “I’m really scared. We have to stay in France. Here, everyone can live peacefully while in Albania, we risk our lives.”

A petition was posted online and obtained 415 signatures, mostly from the department. It will be presented, as well as “the certificates of support from relatives of the family, during a future meeting with the prefect”, underlines the member of the Aerésp28 collective.

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