A motorist falls from a bridge in Murviel-les-Béziers: the images of the rescue of firefighters


The accident occurred this Sunday morning on the D36 in Murviel-les-Beziers, Herault. A motorist falls from a bridge in Murviel-les-Béziers While a motorist was traveling on a bridge in this Herault commune, he lost control of his vehicle. The security barrier was broken, as can be seen in the photos taken by firefighters. The car then dropped about 8 meters. The helpers found her on the roof. Helicopter to Montpellier University Hospital Upon arrival at the scene of the accident, the man was incarcerated in his vehicle. Firefighters proceeded to extrication. He was then heliported urgently to the emergencies of Montpellier University Hospital. A Dragon 34 was mobilized for this intervention.


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