A moving photo of a TVN24 reporter. “I was her girlfriend, I am fiancée”

Marta Warchoł, who is a reporter on TVN24, announced great news. As it turns out, after almost 8 years in a relationship with the producer of “Fakty TVN” and “Rozmowy o w świat”, Iwona Widomska, the women decided to get engaged.

  • TVN24 reporter Marta Warchoł got engaged to her partner after almost 8 years of being together
  • Both ladies announced a great change in their lives via social media. “We are waiting for the law to change” we read in the description of the joint photo
  • It all happened during the “Pride Month” which is a very important time for LGBT people around the world
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Marta Warchoł and Iwona Widomska spoke about their romantic relationship for the first time a year ago. Now, however, they have decided to take a step towards further formalizing their relationship.

Marta Warchoł’s post from last year, which was also her “coming out”, appeared in the so-called the month of pride, that is, in June. It was a mysterious picture of a kiss with a loved one, which surprised many. In another post, the reporter explained that she belongs to the LGBT community.

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They got engaged on a special day

As we read in the description of the photo of Marta Warchoł, she was in a relationship with her girlfriend for exactly “7 years and 364 days”. This means that on the 8th anniversary of the relationship, she got engaged to Iwona Widomska.

The bride and groom did not reveal what place they chose for such a beautiful moment. However, it is known from the description of the photo that it happened in the afternoon. However, in the background of the last photo you can see a beautiful sunset that gives a romantic atmosphere.

The TVN24 reporter and her girlfriend hope to change the law in Poland in relation to the situation of LGBT people who cannot marry today. Poland is an exception in this respect compared to other European countries. You can take a homosexual wedding, among others, in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark and Germany. Lesbians and gays are left with only a symbolic humanist wedding.

TVP stars coming out

Yesterday another star decided to come out taking advantage of the fact that we are celebrating “Pride Month”. Joanna Balasz, an actress known from TVP production (“Father Mateusz”, “For good and for bad”), showed her partner to the world.

There were a lot of congratulations under the post, incl. from a well-known personal trainer, Qczaj, who is also a homosexual person.

June, or “pride month”

What is “Pride Month”? This is a time for LGBT people around the world when they are more likely to come out. These circles speak loudly about the dignity of gays and lesbians as well as transgender people that they have and encourage them to take pride in their orientation, not treating it as being different, but as the norm.

June was chosen as the “month of pride” to commemorate the tragic events at the LGBTQ + friendly Stonewall Inn bar in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighborhood. In the morning of June 28, 1969, a police raid took place there, after which LGBT circles began to protest for several days. It is assumed that the raid of the services was homophobic.

Source: Instagram