Thursday, April 25, 2019
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A municipal council

Solidarity for the victims.

Solidarity for the victims.

The Board reviewed a credit facility for the year 2019 for a total of 430,000 euros. It also authorizes the mayor to apply for State, Region and Department grants. He votes financial aid of € 5,000 for the victims of the disaster in Aude and € 1,000 for victims of the disaster that struck Indonesia. It authorizes the mayor to delegate the protection of shared data with the management center which is committed in January to set up this free service available to municipalities who wish to join and to sign the convention and related acts.

It awards the following grants: Dominican Carabène € 770 and Majorettes € 1,500. It gives an agreement in principle inherent to the use of the concept (mobile hairdressing truck) on the municipal territory two days a week, during the periods when the show already established will be closed, and on the other hand, decides to stay the proceedings on the amount of the fee pending elements inherent to the electricity consumption of this activity.

He voted to secure Alexandre-Ansaldi Street by installing a speed reducer. It authorizes the company Valorem to use the parcel of the former Fanjeaux road in Alzonne and the municipal road in order to pass in a straight line, corner or platform, all light or heavy vehicles, as well as all construction machinery, at the same time. operation and dismantling of the photovoltaic park. This authorization of passage is necessary.

It votes the allocation of aid for a communal agent placed on retirement for invalidity of 1 100 €.

It authorizes the attribution of names to the subdivision of the Horte: rue des Noisetiers and impasse des Coquelicots.

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