A municipal councilor claims that female teachers were headmistresses in Sofia in front of 1,000 students

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The headmistress of a school was beaten and chased by female teachers from another school in front of the amazed looks of their graduates. The scene of the absurd took place in the building of 142 “Veselin Hanchev” Primary School and 203 “Sveti Metodiy” PEG in the capital’s “Krasno Selo” district, which failed to share the municipal property.

Municipal councilor Greta Stefanova announced the shameful incident at the meeting of the commission for education and culture at the SOS. She asked her colleagues to take a stand on the case and help resolve the conflict between the two warring parties, so that the students do not witness similar scenes again.

According to Stefanova, quoted by the website, “between 800 and 1000 children watched this circus”. However, it is not clear who the injured principal is, as well as which teachers participated in the beating.

“And this is in the center of Sofia. The difficult coexistence of the two schools (in one building) is a problem that has remained unresolved for years,” added the municipal councilor.

The head of the Education Directorate in the Capital Municipality, Maria Mincheva, confirmed that there is a problem between the directors of the two municipal schools.

“The directorate is in active correspondence with both the directors and the regional administration to clarify things. The Metropolitan Municipality gave instructions, but there is a sharp personal conflict between the two directors and no consensus can be reached,” she explained the genesis of the problem.

According to Mincheva, there are such pairs of schools in one building in other areas of Sofia, but the case in “Krasno Selo” is unique. Many meetings were held, and unofficially the mayor of the region, Rosina Stanislavova, announced in a letter that she would support the merger of the two schools, added Mincheva.

If this proposal is accepted, the schools will merge with a new number and a new principal will be appointed. However, according to Mincheva, this is not the best solution.

“There are problems in many of the schools that use the same building, but they are solved with dialogue, cooperation from the district administration and constructive behavior, while in “Krasno Selo” they are fighting,” said the municipal councilor Diyan Stamatov, who is also the director of school.

The Committee on Education and Culture decided to get to know the case in more detail in order to find the roots of the conflict and make the most optimal decision for the students from both educational institutions.

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