a mysterious virus attacks dogs, more than 150 animals have fallen ill, owners warn!

What is happening in England, and more specifically in Yorkshire? In the space of just one week, nearly 150 dogs have fallen victim to a mysterious virus. According to The Yorkshire Live, the animals have fallen ill following walks in coastal areas of the region.

While vets are urging owners to avoid the area, it appears the virus has moved into cities, where cases are also being reported. “The disease of dogs is spreading like wildfire”, comments a surfer, whose dog was seized with vomiting and diarrhea. Besides these two symptoms, affected animals also have a loss of appetite. “Be careful because they don’t know what the cause is or how it spreads,” she concludes.

One of the veterinarians from the Minster Veterinary Practice nevertheless wishes to reassure: “Unfortunately we often have waves of sick animals suffering from vomiting and diarrhea at this time of year, just like in summer when we often have cases of kennel cough (…) This can be a normal occurrence (…) Rest assured that if we felt there was anything pet owners should avoid or minimize to prevent their pet from becoming generally ill, we would advise it “.