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A native of Ukraine spoke about the changes in life after turning to Putin

S.-PETERSBURG, June 19 – RIA Novosti. A native of Ukraine, Irina Barakat, who lost her leg and arm after an explosion of a projectile in Syria, a year after contacting President Vladimir Putin with a straight line, learns to go on prosthesis and plays in an electro-electric hockey team.

Last year, Barakat aired on Putin’s direct line from the Kirov Military Medical Academy in St. Petersburg. She said that she was born in Odessa, married a Syrian citizen and moved to his homeland. In Aleppo, Irina Barakat worked as a translator. During the shelling of Aleppo in 2016, she closed her children from the explosion of a projectile, as a result of which she lost her legs and hand. A woman was taken to Petersburg for treatment by the Russian military.

Iryna Barakat told the president that she could not get dentures for free, since she is a citizen of Ukraine. She also asked for help in family reunification and obtaining Russian citizenship for her husband and children. After appealing to the president, she received Russian citizenship and the opportunity to undergo rehabilitation at the Federal Scientific Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities named after G. A. Albrecht in St. Petersburg. Some time later, her husband and three children were taken to Petersburg from Syria.

A year after the straight line, Irina Barakat told RIA Novosti that after rehabilitation she feels well and her family has already adapted to life in Russia. “I am fine, I’ll learn how to run on a prosthesis and have an operation on my leg. If it were not for the deformation of the foot, I would have jumped, but for now it’s impossible to walk,” Irina admitted.

“I play on the electric wheelchair hockey team – the floorball. We are now looking for sponsors to buy new Storm 4 electric wheelchairs, they are very necessary for our sport,” she said.

Irina is employed, she is engaged in art therapy with patients in a rehabilitation center. And her husband Ahmet Barakat has not yet found a job in his specialty. "The pharmacist's salary is about 30 thousand rubles, and it is necessary to pay about 22 thousand rubles for an apartment under a social contract, in the winter with heating, more," said Irina.

But their children have already adapted to the new life in St. Petersburg. "Children in school joined the friendly team, now on vacation. Younger graduated from second grade, middle – eighth grade, senior – tenth. True, Russian turned out to be difficult for them. They usually loved mathematics, physics and chemistry, they studied perfectly well now academic performance has deteriorated due to linguistic difficulties, "Irina said. According to her, the eldest son has not yet decided on the choice of profession." But he somehow told me that he would not be a doctor. After the explosion in Syria, it cannot look when people are in pain, "she added.



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