A neighbor from Castellón: «My lawyer kept € 8,000 of my medical compensation»

«In his professional office they kept me off. I spent two or three years calling and they only told me that these things were slow », the victim affirmed yesterday, to questions of the prosecutor of the case. In this sense, the complainant explained that the lawyer asked her for a power of attorney and told her that if he did not give it to her, he would not be able to charge anything. “He never asked me for my account number to deposit the money and, finally, it turned out that he received 8,000 euros in compensation, how can that be?”, the woman wondered yesterday.

The defendant, for his part, denied the report of the complainant. “I deny in capital letters that I wanted to appropriate my client’s money,” said the man.. «The day they paid me, I withdrew the money with a certified bank check. We had arranged a specific day, but she did not come. On that date I was going to give him the resolution and the money, “he maintained.

The lawyer’s secretary, proposed by the defense, was also called to testify. “He insulted me on the phone, told me that we were incompetent and did not show up to the appointment we had scheduled,” explained the lawyer’s worker.

The prosecutor, in her conclusions, removed the section on civil liability from her brief – since everything had already been paid – and proposed, alternatively to the fraud, a conviction for alleged misappropriation. He upheld the request for three years in jail and the case was seen for sentence by the court.

Another convicted lawyer

The Supreme court recently confirmed the sentence of two years in prison for a lawyer who swindled the son of a woman murdered by her husband in Castelló by appropriating the public aid -53,778 euros- that were granted to him for the death of his mother. The court has rejected the cassation appeals filed by the convicted lawyer and by the ‘Spanish Association of victims of violent crimes, terrorism and gender violence’, in which he appeared as president, against the sentence of the Provincial Court of Castellón.