A new blow to the prosecutor’s son from Pernik – Court and Prosecutor’s Office

  • January 30, 2023

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  • The Sofia District Prosecutor’s Office prosecuted 19-year-old V.M. for two crimes committed on the territory of the city of Pernik.

    On 12/05/2022 at around 1:00 a.m. near a playground in the town of Pernik, the accused V.M. threatened to kill V.V. and struck him with an as yet unidentified hard object and with a fist in the head area. As a result, he caused minor bodily harm. The act was committed for hooligan motives – in a public place, without the victim challenging the accused.

    In this case, pre-trial proceedings were initiated for crimes under Art. 144, para. 3, paragraph para. 1 of the Criminal Code and under Art. 131, para. 1, item 12, paragraph art. 130, para. 1 of the Criminal Code, for which the penalty of “imprisonment” is provided.

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    V.M. is accused in another pre-trial proceeding for inflicting bodily harm, threatening to kill and hooliganism.

    The investigation into him has ended with the filing of an indictment in the Sofia District Court.

    Rositsa Valentinova