A new building tilts terribly in Egypt… and the neighbors are calling for help

Once again, the leaning buildings in the governorate of Alexandria, northern Egypt, are emerging. The residents of the Falaki area in the governorate were surprised by a new 16-storey building that tilted horribly on the neighboring property, threatening the lives and lives of the residents.

Residents of the property next to the leaning building told Al Arabiya.net that they were staying in Al-Zahraa Tower on the 9th sub-Street of Al-Islah Street in the Al-Falaki area, and they were surprised by the property next to them leaning heavily on their property, causing great danger to them and the residents of the tilted property itself until it stuck to it from above. They pointed out that the inclined property separated it from their property by about a meter from the bottom, before removing 4 floors from it to prevent its tilt.

leaning building pictures

Yasser Khamis Ahmed, a resident of the adjacent property, told Al Arabiya.net that they had submitted numerous complaints to officials in the governorate to no avail, while the building is still deviating severely, and the residents have not yet been evacuated, adding that an official report has been submitted to officials in the governorate. To intervene and evacuate the building as soon as possible.

Similar incident

The Alexandria Governorate witnessed a similar incident last week, when a slope occurred in one of the buildings consisting of more than 15 floors, which caused a great danger to its residents and residents of neighboring properties, which necessitated the evacuation of the entire property.

It is noteworthy that the Alexandria governorate is one of the highest Egyptian governorates that witnesses major real estate and building violations, as Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, confirmed that the number of building violations witnessed by the governorate from January 2001, until now, amounted to about 135,193 violations, while Major General Muhammad Al-Sharif said The Governor of Alexandria, that there have been 133 thousand decisions to remove violating buildings in the governorate from 2011 to 2020, explaining that this number is very large.

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He added that all violations will be removed and their owners referred to the Public Prosecution Office. .