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A new caravan of migrants seeks to reach Mexico and the US: hundreds of Hondurans march in search of asylum

More than a thousand Hondurans left this Saturday morning in San Pedro Sula in a new 'caravan of immigrants' in which many seek to reach Mexico and seek asylum, while others want to cross into the United States. In it they range from the elderly to children of an early age. And all agree that the poverty and violence generated by the gangs ended up expelling them from their country.

The call for this mobilization was made throught social media. And then people from the departments of Colón, Atlántida, Francisco Morazán, Choluteca, Yoro, Cortés, Santa Bárbara and the Bay Islands arrived at the meeting point.

In the images, from Friday families were seen sleeping on the floor of the Great Bus Terminal of San Pedro Sula, which was arranged as the starting point for the walk. The organizers estimated that on the way many more people would join this walk more than 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) from Honduras to the United States, passing through Guatemala and Mexico, in a route controlled by criminal gangs, with crosses of rivers and deserts plagued by snakes.

Karen Martinez, of the NGO Foundation for Human Rights, came to warn them of the risks and ask them to stay together, according to the AFP news agency.

"You leave because of the bad administrations of our country, if they were given education, health and safety, they would not need to leave, "she told a group that surrounded her.

Four hours after having started, the caravan made a stop in the community of Cofradía. The leaders, including the former deputy Bartolo Fuentes, one of the organizers, took the opportunity to review the registration lists.

Soon after, they rested in the shade of acacias on a mud soccer field. Meanwhile, the police watched them in vehicles, without intervening.

"From here on, those who can get 'halon' (hitchhiking) in vehicles can do it and we are rediscovering ourselves on the road," Fuentes said from a vehicle, according to AFP.

Many took advantage then that buses and trucks stopped to get up crowded, until no one else could fit.

"This movement only seeks to save lives, to prevent more Hondurans from dying on the migratory route in Mexico, to be less the mutilated, kidnapped or those who force them into prostitution. This human tragedy is of people who suffer"Bartolo Fuentes, one of the organizers of the walk, told Univision News.

This is not the first initiative of this kind. In April of last year, a group of more than 1,000 Central American migrants crossed Mexico bound for the border with the United States and It caught the attention of President Donald Trump, who used that news to promote the approval of new immigration restrictions.

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, met this week with the presidents of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and assured them that his country would be willing to help them with economic development and investments if they do more to stop the migration of their citizens and gang violence.

Pence said in that meeting that El Salvador has reduced its illegal migration to the United States, but that that of Guatemala rose 75% and that of Honduras 61%. He said that in the last year, some 225,000 people from these three countries entered the United States.

This note was made with information from D.O.B and agencies.

In photos: The life of the migrants among tents outside the San Ysidro port


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