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A new conflict between technology giants Apple and Microsoft

by archyw

foreshadowing disagreements between my company”Microsoft” And”CamelAbout the rules of the App Store, with a new conflict between the two tech giants competing since the early days of the personal computer, which may cast a shadow over the rise of augmented and virtual reality applications.

And the “Wall Street Journal” warned of a return to confrontation between the two companies, reminiscent of the era of their founders Steve Jobs from “Apple” and Bill Gates from “Microsoft”, which may upset other technology companies and their customers.

The two technology giants exchange accusations over Epic Games, which is engaged in a legal battle against Apple, accusing it of anti-competitive practices, while Microsoft blames Apple for “restricting its ability to reach users, through the video game service.” Her own.

Microsoft recently announced its intention to launch Android applications through its newly released Windows 11 system, and said that it would allow application developers to choose alternative payment systems.

Apple faces criticism over how developers make money with its app stores, charging a percentage on all subsequent sales, such as subscriptions or in-game purchases.

This comes as both companies prepare for an imminent battle over the augmented and virtual reality market, which is seen as the next major front in computing. Microsoft has started selling HoloLens devices, amid expectations that Apple will unveil its device next year.

According to Sky News, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadala announced, Thursday, during the launch of the new operating system “Windows 11”, that the world “needs a more open platform, allowing applications to become platforms in themselves.”

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Apple has defended its strict controls over its App Store, offering users Greater privacy protection and cyber security.

Others, including Facebook and Epic Games, claim that the company unfairly exercises its power to control access to more than a billion iPhone users.

Today, Apple and Microsoft are the two major US trading powers, and are the only two US companies valued at $2 trillion or more, and have combined annual sales of about $400 billion.

But Epic Games, in its legal dispute with Apple, summoned Laurie Wright, Microsoft’s vice president of business development in games, media and entertainment, as a witness, to talk about its failed attempt to provide a bundled video game streaming service called “GamePass Ultimate”, to a store. Apple applications.

She said that “Apple” dealt with Microsoft’s offerings differently from its treatment of streaming services provided by other companies.

Court files show that Apple attempted to distort Wright’s testimony and asked questions about the motives of other Epic Games witnesses, suggesting that Microsoft was behind Epic’s lawsuit.

Apple wondered whether Epic was working in cooperation with Microsoft, and that the latter had protected itself “by not appearing as a party or sending a company representative to testify.”

A judge is expected to rule on the entire case in the coming weeks.


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