A new cowooking space is set up in the village

Since September, a coworking space has slowly taken its marks in Laissac. Now that the work is visible, we notice it more above Mathilde Calmels nurse, and glued to the bar of the Pub.

Among the three sedentary residents who are at the origin of the project, we find Sébastien Terral, well known to the people of Leash but also advisor and trainer in digital marketing, Cindy Regourd, communication expert, Marie-Sophie Brouzes, graphic designer.

Yoan has just joined them with his cold study office.

Driven by their needs and an increasingly growing demand, these three friends have succeeded in giving life to a shared workspace, hence the name “coworking”, where it is good to work together in complete independence. On more than 100 square meters, are arranged nine shared offices, two private offices, a meeting room, a relaxation area and a bathroom, all equipped and well appointed, on two floors.

Open to freelancers, independents, students, teleworking employees, digital nomads, sedentary or passing through, the laissez-faire cowoking space is equipped with fiber, a photocopier, a dining room and private storage.

Well located geographically, in a very commercial village, the place is attractive and well thought out.

Packages range from half a day for an office or meeting room to a monthly subscription to reserve your own personal space.

Several formulas are proposed according to the needs of each one. More info on the website: le-cow-working-laissagais.fr/

Contact : 06 35 19 34 69.