A new development on Mohamed Mounir’s health


Mahmoud Mounir confirmed the improvement of the health condition of Keng Arabic song star Mohammed Mounir after his surgery Thursday morning at the hospital in Dar al-Fouad, and was successful. The star Mohammed Mounir stayed for two days with intensive care, then went to a regular treatment room and was expected to leave the hospital within days. The family of the big star was keen to be with him, and a number of friends and relatives were present. Mounir had revived two weeks ago a major concert in Luxor at the end of the activities of Luxor, the capital of Arab culture attended by more than 60 thousand fans of his songs. After the recuperation period, Mounir will perform a number of concerts in Egypt and the Arab countries, the first of which will be a grand ceremony on Eid al-Fitr. Transfer from Al-Ahram Gate


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