A new drug enters the market in our country (Overview)

A new type of narcotic substance enters the market in the country. This was announced by the Ministry of the Interior. In recent days, the ministry has checked more than 1,000 commercial establishments. 13 investigations have also started.

The most drug analogues are in Stara Zagora, and in Smolyan they are available in shops close to high schools. One of the owners says he bought it from a distributor.

“I sell them for normal substances. I bought them with an invoice. They explained to me that it calms down,” says Petar Asenov, shop owner.

An investigation has already begun, even though the marijuana content of the tests was below 0.2.

“Anyone who allowed himself to poison our children with such products should know that this substance is a high-risk narcotic substance,” said Nedko Simov, district prosecutor of Smolyan.

“Hexobite tetrahydrocannabinol is a synthetic carbinolite, which in the last 2-3 months has made a very powerful expansion in Bulgaria,” explains Stefan Bakalov from the Customs Agency.

Drug analogues are most often available in e-cigarette shops, added the Ministry of the Interior. They also report from there that there are 11 detainees.

“We managed to remove from the commercial network, where these narcotic substances are distributed, a huge quantity that was very easily accessible to the younger generation,” said Atanas Ilkov, director of GDNP in Sofia.

Today, 5,670 products with hexahydrocannabiol, also known as HHC, an analogue of marijuana, were seized from the store network in the country during an action by the Ministry of the Interior and the Customs Agency. This was announced by the chief of the police, Atanas Ilkov.

The operation took place yesterday and was ordered by the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petar Todorov. It was on the occasion of information received by the department and the “Customs” agency that the substance has become a hit and is offered semi-legally in stores and on various websites.

During the action, 11 people were detained. “This is a good result, we were able to produce a huge amount that was accessible to adolescents and children,” said Ilkov. And he pointed out that hexahydrocannabinol has already been added to the Prohibited Substances Ordinance and is expected to be promulgated soon.

2023-04-21 18:17:00

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