A new feature on “iPhone” phones will soon be related to car accidents

Reports revealed, today, Monday, that the American company, “Apple” plans to add a new feature in its “iPhone” smartphones, which is related to monitoring road accidents.

Apple is working on making iPhones, as well as its smart watches, able to automatically detect car accidents as they occur, and even make them automatically call the 911 emergency service in America, according to the American Wall Street Journal.

It is assumed that “Apple” will rely in the new feature on sensors such as the accelerometer built into its devices.
And the “Wall Street Journal” stated in its report that “Apple” decided to add the feature after it continued to collect data that was shared by users of “iPhone” and “Apple watches” without disclosing their identities, through which it discovered that more than 10 million car accidents had occurred, with More than 50,000 attempts to call 911. It is assumed that the feature to monitor road accidents on “iPhone” phones and “Apple” watches will be launched in the next year 2022.

It is noteworthy that the feature of monitoring car malfunctions and automatically calling the emergency number is not exclusive to “iPhone” phones, as it was preceded by “Google”, which provided it in its “Pixel” phones.