A new game comes to Xbox Game Pass by surprise

Six previously announced games were released today for Microsoft’s service, and it came as a surprise. a new game to Xbox Game Pass. It is about Project Wingman that was already available for PC and now it is also available on consoles. This game joins an interesting list of games that arrived on the service at the end of October, among which Age of Empire IV, Backbone and The Forgotten City stand out.

In Project Wingman, you will have to fight, attack and fly through combat zones based on an alternate history of Earth, fighting in various missions and game modes ranging from intense air battles to large-scale ground assaults. its coming to Xbox Game Pass is its debut on consoles.

A new free game available on the Microsoft Store

A new game comes to Xbox Game Pass by surprise

Project Wingman was until now a PC exclusiveBut now that it’s a new game to Xbox Game Pass on consoles, it marks its debut on this platform and seeks to captivate the airplane-loving public. In the game, players take control of a fighter plane, all set in an alternate history Land. The game was released in 2020 and it is one of those games that fans of the Ace Combat style should try.

Five new games available on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass has become the most attractive aspect of the Xbox ecosystem. Many major games, both AAA and indies, have been added to the service. The Ultimate subscription also includes Xbox Cloud Gaming, which has also gained momentum in recent months, with the installation of Xbox Series X servers in various regions.