A new Google educational program for Arabic speakers


Google has officially launched the Google Skills program to help Arabic-speaking women and youth acquire the digital skills needed to take advantage of future career opportunities, improve their careers and grow their businesses.

“Only 38 percent of young people in the Middle East and North Africa believe that their educational career gives them the skills they need to enter the job market,” Google said on its official blog. By 2020, one out of five jobs in the Arab world is expected to require digital skills that are not widely available today. On the other hand, this region registered the lowest economic participation of women in the world, despite the contribution of many women to the achievements of the Arab world today.

“To bridge the growing gap between the workforce and skills required in the regional market, and to ensure that everyone has access to the opportunities offered by technology, we launched the Google Skills program. The program aims to help Arabic speakers, especially women and young people, acquire the skills necessary to take advantage of future employment opportunities, improve their careers and grow their business. ”

The program will provide free courses, tools and training sessions for digital skills development for students, teachers, companies and job seekers. The online platform offers more than 100 tutorials and video tutorials that cover a range of digital marketing skills including search engine marketing, social media and video, e-commerce and other topics.

“We are proud to support nonprofit organizations that provide Arab youth with the skills they need to succeed in a growing digital economy. Injaz Al Arab, a non-profit organization that aims to provide training and employment opportunities for Arab youth, will receive a $ 1 million grant from Google.org to help 100,000 secondary and university students, especially women and students in rural areas and areas in need. Develop their digital skills by providing hands-on training opportunities throughout the region. We also work with MESC to provide direct digital training opportunities to more than 100,000 students in Saudi Arabia, while ensuring 50% female participation. This new collaboration will enable us to provide greater employment opportunities for women and youth to employ the basic digital skills they have learned during the training sessions. Individuals throughout the Arab world use digital skills to achieve their goals. So we have set up a series of short films that monitor the march of six Arab women who have become entrepreneurs, women’s rights activists and the most influential content creators on the YouTube YouTube platform. Women show the role of technology in helping them overcome obstacles, chart their own careers and inspire others to follow their example by learning digital skills. ”

“Technology is a powerful digital toolkit, and Google Skills aims to help Arabic speakers around the world use these tools in the labor market. We also collaborate with governments, universities, private companies and non-profit organizations to help more people take advantage of what the Internet offers. ”

Google CEO Sondar Pichai sent a special message to the Arab world on the launch of the “Skills of Google” platform:

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