A new leak in Dallas delayed the resumption of Game 4

« I’ll ask Dirk. Dirk has more memories in this room, he will know “, smiles Luka Doncic, questioned after the meeting on his ability to play the mechanics. And to deal with this leak which disrupted the resumption of the debates, at halftime of this Game 4.

The “Splash Brothers” tried not to get wet when water seeped through the roof of the American Airlines Center, falling near the Warriors bench and delaying the resumption of play by 16 minutes.

A sequence little appreciated by Luka Doncic who says he had to redo his warm-up after returning to the locker room to play… rummy. ” Do you know rummy? The last time we experienced this, it lasted 45 minutes. I thought it was going to be more than that. »

He is referring here to the match last February, against the Sixers, which was interrupted because the hoop was not well fixed and therefore not straight. After several measurements of the circle, the room staff had gone to get the spare basket. This funny unexpected had all the same caused an interruption of 44 minutes!

The incident last night obviously did not disturb the Mavs who signed their best quarter of the match, in the third (37-23). ” Maybe it was rain related, I don’t know “, does not dismiss the Slovenian.

We recall that, in addition to this episode of basket change, the Texans, whose hall opened in 2001, had already experienced a leak during a regular season game last March.

« So it was not our first delay due to rain.”note Jason Kidd. “You have to be able to stay warm, stay ready. This group does not give up. They went on the field in the second half, in the third quarter, as we said at halftime, we had to win. That’s what this group did. »