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A new filming session for "Al Duzi" in the desert, quoting the site of Masrawy, on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

 – Moroccan artist Abdel Hafiz Douzi, known as "Douzy" through his personal account at the site "Instagram", published a new shooting session during his participation in the Green March. In the pictures in the center of the desert, Duzi appears in the traditional dress of the Moroccan people, and next to him is a chair. Al-Dazi commented on the pictures: "Eyes in kind and Al-Hamra Lei, the Green March". The green march to restore the Moroccan Sahara is the name of a mass demonstration with a strategic objective organized by the Moroccan government in November 1975 to get Spain to hand over the disputed territory of the Sahara, and from then on the Moroccan people celebrate in November. Thank you. The news of the trust and presence, and we promise you to provide all new and important from all reliable news sources, has been transferred (a new filming session of "Duzi" in the desert), and the source is responsible for what was reported.
Source: Masrawy



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