The brand new Bloodhound skin in Apex Legends was revealed early because of a small problem in the game, according to some players.

The new free Battle Royale game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and launched on February 4, has already captured the attention of an impressive number of people, with growing interest in each of the captions on it. However, few knew that Respawn would soon add a new skin for Bloodhound.

Respawn Entertainment

A small problem in the game seems to have revealed a skin for the popular character, which was not in the Respawn roadmap for Apex Legends for the first year.

Seasonics40, Reddit

We still do not know much about this skin for Bloodhound, we do not even know if it will be released in the game later. Bloodhound has been confirmed as one of two LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) characters in Apex Legends because the legend identifies itself as non-binary. Some fans also think that the character has existed for much longer than expected, dating back to Titanfall 2.

Is the Respawn studio about to change its appearance in the game? Time will tell us.


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