A new storm would bring snow this Friday to parts of the Northeast US.

This Tuesday, temperatures in New York will be felt in the 30s.

Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

The low temperatures will rise a bit during Thanksgiving, but this Friday snow could fall in some areas of New England.

The cold air has been the constant in the past hours as a result of the storm I know moves from the Midwest to the Northeastern United States.

System-related wind gusts could impact flights on Wednesday.

However, by Thanksgiving, the temperatures will be warmer. Weather forecasts point to the low 50 ° F.

“A storm that was threatening to bring tricky weather in parts of the Northeast it looks like rain for most big cities, ”said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alan Reppert. “It looks like the stage is going to be pretty good after Monday,” he added.

What appears to be the most palpable effect of the system are low temperatures.

This Tuesday, temperatures will hardly reach 40 ° F in the Northeast.

Except, this Thursday, the highs for the area will not reach 40 ° F.

Another atmospheric system that will affect the region this Friday could bring rain and snow. However, the flakes would be limited to the higher elevations of northern New England. The areas traditionally used for skiing could report several inches of snow.

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