A new symbol of Putin’s madness. The Flash mob lies in the Bucza massacre – o2

The flash mob is called “белаяпоVяZка”, meaning “white band”. In this word, even some letters were changed to V and Z – this is how Russian military vehicles that enter Ukraine are marked. Mainly public employees – teachers, librarians and local government officials – take part in the campaign.

New flash mob in Russia. Lies about the events of Bucza

Numerous demonstration photos of employees with white bands on their arms appear on social media. Often these people are standing next to the Russian flag or a symbol in the shape of the letter “Z”. Schools use children for such propaganda.

The reason why this flash mob is organized is surprising. Russian propaganda says that in this way the Russians “show solidarity with the civilians in Bucza who died or suffered from Ukraine’s nationalist battalions.” Civilians killed by the Russians in towns near Kijev were indeed often wearing white armbands. The fact is, however, that they all died at the hands of the Russians.

About 360 civilians died at the hands of the Russians

Satellite images prove that the Bucza massacre took place when the city was occupied by the Russians, which corrects the theses of Russian propaganda. Ukrainian human rights spokeswoman Ludmyla Denisova said on Saturday that at least 360 civilians, including 10 children, were killed in Bucza during the Russian occupation.

Unfortunately, it is probably not the final result of the death toll in this town near Kiev. In turn, those who survived the tragedy tell about how civilians were tortured and killed by Russian soldiers, and some of the dead had their hands and feet tied.

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