A new variant of the coronavirus is spreading across the UK. What about Poland?

From the classic delta, which is currently responsible for almost all cases of infections in Poland, the plus version differs in two mutations in the spike protein, which may facilitate its faster spread. One mutation known to appear multiple times in the Delta variant is called A222V, the other is Y145H.

At the moment, delta plus worries the islanders the most, where it is responsible for 10 percent of infections. Its cases have also been reported in the United States, Denmark, Israel and Italy. So far, AY.4.2 has not been identified as a VOC or VOI option. Which does not change the fact that it is good to follow the further development of this and other lines. From this week on, the British intend to monitor it.

– The Chief Sanitary Inspector does not yet have detailed data in this regard. We stay in touch with the National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene, which deals with the indicated issues – explains Szymon Cienki, GIS spokesman.