There are no investigative actions that prove the involvement of the oligarch Boris Berezovsky to the murder of the first director general ORT Vladislav Listyeva . This was stated by the former presenter of the program “Sight” Alexander Politkovskiy , reports REN TV . Thus, Politkovskii commented on the theory that his former colleague had previously put forward Dmitry Zakharov . “This is a common theory. It had a place to be. But you understand, he became a runaway, and it’s always easier to write off this case to a runaway person, “Politkovskiy said. According to the journalist, the version that Destiny’s death is connected with the monopoly on advertising on the ORT channel, also finds no confirmation. “The decision not to give more advertising was not taken by Leaf. This was the decision of the board of directors, so shooting at Listyeva is like shooting a TV. He did not solve these issues, “Politkovskiy added. Earlier on August 12, Vladislav Listyev’s colleague in the “Vzglyad” program Dmitry Zakharov called the customer of his murder of the late oligarch Boris Berezovsky. The death of Listiev Zakharov connected with the monopoly on advertising on the ORT channel. Journalist Vladislav Listiev was killed in March 1995. He was shot at the entrance of his own house in Moscow, the crime is still not solved.


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