A new way to learn?

The arrival of the pandemic was an unexpected event for everyone, with which schools had to reinvent themselves to continue delivering knowledge to children and adolescents, having to get used to this distance education system. However, as the months went by, many students returned to face-to-face classes and teachers had to continue teaching with the new technologies that appeared in the midst of the health crisis.

In this regard, a large number of experts call for teachers and educational institutions to maintain part of the curriculum that was carried out in the modality online o digital educationeven after the pandemic is over.

In a wide variety of areas of daily life, it has become essential to have digital platforms and education has not been the exception, since with this it has been possible to strengthen the pedagogical and emotional bonds necessary for learning to develop. For example, in the past classes online they consisted of a teacher recording himself giving a lesson and later the students saw it, what we know as asynchronous classes.

Educational system vs digital education

Today that system is almost obsolete, since education digital He broke all schemes. In this case, the teacher can be found live conducting the classes, while their students interact in a virtual classroom. Now that face-to-face attendance has returned, they can continue to use applications, software or any digital tool, in order to be able to monitor and track the tasks or activities that students do both in the classroom and at home and, of course, offer feedback to the student for the achievement of their academic objectives.

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So how can you harness the use of technology in learning?

  1. Establish a training program of its benefits and application: the use of a app or platform in class can facilitate the teacher-student bond. Track progress, monitor progress indicators and evaluation.
  2. Prepare didactic tutorials: audiovisual materials that are useful tools for more autonomous work in class.
  3. Provide guidance and resolve doubts: facilitate adequate communication channels for teachers, parents and students, resolving all doubts to get the most out of the platform.

There is no doubt that technology is here to stay, regardless of the moment in which we find ourselves as a society. The great challenge now is knowing how to manage their advances or changes and take advantage of them to improve the teaching-learning models, creating challenging and pleasant experiences for all students.

column written by Rosario Rivadeneyra, Learning Experience Designer at Beereaders. Learn more opinion articles at Technological Zoom.