A newcomer points the tip of his nose at HeadRush

The Prime, new crankset from the HeadRush brand, comes with a lot of new features. The pedalboard is intended for guitarists-singers who are looking for an all-in-one solution to accompany them on stage or in the studio. Overall, the Prime has all the tools you could possibly need if you’re a guitarist-singer, from amp simulations to Looper to an Antares Auto-Tune block for real-time pitch correction.

HeadRush presents for the first time an Amp/Effect Cloner which allows, according to the brand, to achieve extremely faithful emulations of your favorite amps and pedals. WiFi and Bluetooth protocols are also there to download presets, songs and control the pedalboard from your smartphone.

The multi-core architecture allows the Prime to chain presets without cuts or sound skips. The pedalboard has 12 footswitches accompanied by their screen which allow you to customize the ergonomics at will. The large expression pedal can also be assigned to any parameter of any effect for optimal control.

At the back are naturally the different connectors. There is an XLR/Jack combo microphone input with its level adjustment and a switch to activate the +48V phantom power supply in case you use a condenser microphone. Then there is the guitar input, the line input on a 3.5mm mini-jack, the stereo effects loop, an output for an external amplifier and two inputs for additional expression pedals. The block dedicated to the different outputs includes a stereo output on 6.35mm jack and a stereo output on XLR connectors. Finally, there is a headphone output on a 3.5mm mini-jack and two DYN plugs: MIDI IN and MIDI THRU/OUT. Then come the USB ports to connect the device to a computer and use it as an audio interface and the power plug. On the front, there are the various volume settings: General volume (main), volume of the headphone output (phones), volume of the auxiliary input (AUX). Four encoders including one with a push button are also on the program if you do not want to use the large touch screen.

Available within a week, the new Prime from HeadRush will be priced at €1,249.

More info to come on HeadRush Electronics.