a news item that creates anger and indignation in Bangui

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In the Central African Republic, a news item has created emotion since last weekend. A customs officer, assessor at the court martial, was arrested; he is suspected of having raped several minors in Bangui. Investigations are ongoing.

They are at least twelve victims according to their lawyer, all aged less than 15 years. They were allegedly raped or suffered sexual violence by the same assailant who allegedly promised them a few CFA francs to help them pay their school fees.

Parents’ complaint

The alert was given after one of these young girls spent the night away from her home. The parents of several victims have decided to file a complaint. Legal proceedings are open, confirms the Attorney General.

The accused person, a customs officer, assessor at the Court Martial is already known for this kind of facts. Arrested for the first time, he had been released. He is currently in custody at the Joint Rapid Intervention Unit for the Suppression of Violence Against Women and Children, UMIRR, awaiting presentation to the prosecution. The hearing of the victims is still in progress.

A file that must do ” example »

The case created anger and indignation in Bangui. Dominique Yandocka The deputy of the constituency assures to be ” solidarity “And that this” act cannot go unpunished “. Rape cases are still taboo and rarely end up in court. ” This file must be an example He calls for his wishes.

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