A noticeable development can be seen in the booster gap

Corona vaccinations are more important than ever given the record number of new infections. Current data now reveal a clear trend – in an age group and also in boosters. The results – in the video.

The number of new corona infections in Germany has recently reached record levels. The omicron variant is more and more often behind it. Vaccinated people can use boosters to protect themselves from a severe course – and unvaccinated people can opt for one of the common vaccines.

A data animation from t-online now shows how the vaccination campaign in Germany is currently developing and whether Chancellor Scholz is achieving his goals: are many unvaccinated people changing their minds? Do we have a vaccination rate of 80 percent by the end of January? And will the booster gap be closed?

Which age group reveals a noticeable trend in the vaccination campaign and how initial and booster vaccinations develop, See here or in the video above.

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