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A number of Chinese foreign workers came to ask for vaccinations, the Lebak Police refused!

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A number of foreign workers (TKA) from China requested vaccination at the Lebak Police Clinic in Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency. However, the officers refused to vaccinate the Chinese foreign workers because the vaccine is specifically for Indonesian citizens (WNI).

Lebak Police Chief AKBP Teddy Rayendra when asked for confirmation said the foreign workers came from industrial areas in Cikande, Serang and Tangerang districts. The number cannot be ascertained because they came on Monday (28/6/2021) yesterday.

Vaccination officers at the clinic chose not to inject the vaccine even though they brought their passports with them.

“Yes, that’s right, independence from Cikande and Tangerang, we just refuse, so we don’t receive vaccinations from foreigners,” Teddy said when asked for confirmation, Tuesday (29/6).

The vaccine provided by the Lebak Police clinic, he emphasized, is for the people of Lebak. There is no vaccine ration received by the Resort Police that can be given to foreigners, especially Chinese TKA.

“For our community there is, if the foreigners don’t, residents of descendants in Lebak may have ID cards, but for foreign workers there are no,” he explained.

He also appealed to the residents of Lebak to follow the vaccinations carried out by the police and the Lebak COVID-19 Task Force. It also does not issue information on giving vaccinations unless they are local residents and have ID cards.

“We are vaccinating for our community, it’s better to confirm whether we can or not (for foreign workers), but we can’t,” he concluded.

Watch the video ‘Covid-19 Vaccine Without Injection, Can It Be?’:

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