When Aliens: Colonial Marines In 2013, it has built up a ton of hype that made it look like the game would transport players in the terror-filled and action-packed Foreigners Universe. Instead, they got an absolute mess of a game that, as it turned out, was only a stone away from being good – or at least playable.

Modders who played the game five years after their first release recently discovered that a file in the game's code mistakenly referred to the game's "tether" system, which assigns commands to the AI ​​characters in the game as "Teather" , This single typo apparently caused some of the issues for which the game was criticized.

Per jamesdickinson963, the modder who introduced the new and improved version of the game as "TemplarGFX" Aliens: Colonial Marines Overhaul, "The typo was found in a game configuration file called PecanEngine.ini, which was designed to tell the xenomorphs that appear during the game where they are, binding them to an area, defining the combat area and telling them where the Outputs are.

Of course, this did not happen in the game, because a line of code in the configuration file was called "AttachPawnToTeather" instead of "AttachPawnToTether". The result was AI-controlled villains who would spawn and have no idea where they were or what they should do to create such interactions:

And the:

This is not good! In fact, it's a big part of why Aliens: Colonial Marines was widely disseminated by critics and gamers when it hit the market. The game has 45 out of 100 points on its criticism on Metacritic and an even coarser 35 percent approval among the players.

The TemplarGFX mod, which fixed the typo in October 2017, could help the game find a second life. A poster on the gaming forum ResetERA recently brought the mod to the gaming community, it seems to have gained some new fans. (It does not hurt that the game is also available for $ 3 through the discount gaming Fanatical site, so it's not a big risk to try.)

It is worth noting that fixing the typo has not solved all the many, many problems that are in Aliens: Colonial Marines, But the modders worked to patch up as much as possible to give the game at least a semblance of what was promised.

If you are not persuaded to go to the game and give the mod a try, take at least a little pleasure from the possibility that a single letter was in part the cause of multimillion dollar franchise flop, so hard that the Developer was hit with a class action for it.

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