A parliamentary group of The Republic in works created Tuesday in the Senate

A parliamentary group of The Republic in works created Tuesday in the Senate

senator François Patriat, one of the first supporters of Emmanuel Macron to the High Assembly, has announced, on Monday the 26th of June, the creation of a parliamentary group of The Republic on (LRM) in the Senate.

A press conference will announce Tuesday morning the creation of this group of the senate, said in a press release the former socialist minister, who had sent the previous week, a project of ” founding charter group “ to the senators tempted to form a group On the Senate.

” The challenges faced by the country require us to build parliamentary majorities strong and stable, both at the national Assembly that the Senate “, written Mr Patriat in his email.

It takes ten members to create a group in the Senate, and the group of the socialist Party is torn between those who wish to follow François Patriat, and those who want to be in the presidential majority by retaining their specificity. Of other promote, finally, the opposition to the government. A meeting of the group PS is planned for Tuesday morning. It should allow him to ” to make decisions on our positioning “, had said Mr. Wilhelm.

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A poll in September

The group is open ” all “ which ” want to bring the values, principles and proposals “ Emmanuel Macron, said the senator of Cote-d’or, addressing senators PS, LR, centrists, radicals, and environmentalists.

The group LRM newly formed may expand to the academic year, at the renewal by half of the Senate on September 24. The Republic in operation will present its own lists in this election which will renew the seats of the elected representatives of departments ranging from the Indre-et-Loire to the Pyrenees-Orientales, those of the Ile-de-France, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, New Caledonia, Saint-Pierre-and-Miquelon, and 6 seats of the senators of the French outside of France, representing 170 seats out of 348.

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