How to respond to the feeling of injustice of a part of the French, victims of the inequalities exacerbated by the health and economic crisis? The subject has agitated the majority since Emmanuel Macron himself recognized, on April 13, that the country was holding “Entirely on women and men whom our economies recognize and remunerate so badly”. With a view to the government’s future recovery plan, deputies La République en Marche (LRM) and MoDem are calling for social measures.

“The next world could be economic horror and social breakdown if we don’t react quickly and loudly”, warns the leader of the MoDem deputies, Patrick Mignola. This close to François Bayrou offers “A better distribution of wealth in our country” through an increase in all employees in the public and private sectors, by generalizing profit-sharing. To do this, the centrist LRM ally, who wishes to make a social voice heard among the majority, calls on the executive to organize a major social conference bringing together the social partners.

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“The fundamental subject is pay inequity. For twenty years of globalization, rather than having a regulated capitalism in the service of solidarity, we have over-paid capital in relation to work “, judge M. Mignola, according to whom “Profit sharing plan” constitutes “The condition of a remobilization at work”. According to him, more than 20 million employees could benefit from this increase in purchasing power; only 1.5 million of them currently benefit from the profit sharing out of a total of 22 million.

Avoiding “a social cataclysm”

Like others, he believes that workers engaged on the front lines and second line against the virus, who most often hold modest jobs, deserve to be upgraded after the crisis. “For a social cataclysm not to succeed the health cataclysm, in a form of reproduction of the” yellow vests “, it is necessary to make a gesture towards these underpaid workers”, underlines Mr. Mignola.

“We will have to ask the question, especially in future budgets”, approves Emilie Cariou, LRM deputy for Meuse. This ex-socialist recommends using large companies. “We could, for example, condition the research tax credit to the establishment of production units in France or in Europe”, she suggests. On personal taxation, she says she is in favor of an increase “Two or three points” the single flat-rate levy – the “flat tax” created at the start of the five-year term – on capital income. She believes that creating an additional tax bracket for very high earners is “A question that can be asked”.

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