A participant in The Voice in concert at Ostréa, in Plouézec, Saturday March 4, 2023

Louis Mortel fell into music at an early age, with parents who were passionate about music. He learned the violin around the age of 7 before moving on to the piano and then to opera singing, guided by his grandmother who sang in choirs. In 2017, he participated in three TV shows The Voicein the team of singer Mika.

This experience will confirm his passion and push him to continue on this path. During confinement, he continues his passion on social networks.

His grandparents live in Paimpol…

Since then, 200,000 people follow him on Tiktok, with 1,500 people watching two live streams each week. In October, he released his first single your mysteries and released the clip the following month on YouTube.

His grandparents who live in Paimpol, in the Kermanach district, on the edge of Plouézec, have always followed him. It is therefore natural that he chooses Plouézec, near Paimpol (Côtes-d’Armor) for his first solo concert.

Saturday March 4, 2023, at 8:30 p.m., supported by the Souillés from the bottom of the hold, Louis Mortel performs at Ostréa, in Plouézec. Tickets sold for €10 are available in partner shops: Ets Le Troquer and at Le Voyageur restaurant.