A patch arrives in Modern Warfare and will correct claymores, footsteps, 725 and more


Infinity Ward Communications Manager Ashton Williams announced on Wednesday, Nov. 6 that developers will be releasing an update for Modern Warfare in the coming days. It should solve the many problems raised by the players since the release of the game.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is undergoing much-awaited changes. The latest installment of the franchise has been the target of many critics since its release, and its next patch is to correct several problems faced by fans and professional players.

This Wednesday, November 6, Ashton Williams, Communications Manager for Infinity Ward has announced on his Twitter account that an important update will be launched in the coming days.

Williams explains that this patch will fix bugs and improve stability on all platforms, but more importantly, it will focus on some of the game's most controversial issues such as claymores and footsteps.

The biggest of these problems could be claymores. Players, whether casual, hardcore or professional have all complained about the excessive use of claymores, ruining the gaming experience.

The footsteps have already been addressed in a previous patch this month but it is clear that both developers and players think that there is still much to do on this point.

In his responses to his post, Williams also confirmed that the 725 shotgun would also receive modifications.

The 725 rifle was widely perceived as overpowering and desperate for change. Fans also claimed a fix for the Spec Ops mode and were apparently heard by Infinity Ward.

These will not be the only changes coming. Deputy Director of Design Joe Cecot said this weekend when patch 1.06 is outthat other changes would happen very soon.

In addition to balancing weapons, Cecot also explained that the logic of spawns and the interactions between players were being revised. It remains to be seen if these modifications will be integrated into the next patch.


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