A poisoned donation. A 39-year-old woman developed cancer after receiving the lungs of a smoker, reports Lung Cancer, cited by the blog "Biomedical Realities", hosted by our colleagues in the World.

Cystic fibrosis since birth, this patient's life was in danger when her respiratory capacity began to drop considerably. His only hope, to get by, was based on the possible donation of a transplant. A chance that finally came for her.

Problem: his new lungs came from a 50-year-old addicted to tobacco, who had smoked the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes a day almost throughout his life. Smoking that could not be detected on the graft before the operation, no anomaly was then identified by a scanner.

Tumors on both lungs

Two years after this last-chance surgery, the patient is admitted to the Montpellier hospital with fever and respiratory failure. An examination is done and reveals suspicious outbreaks. Tumors extend on both organs. The oncology unit concludes that lung cancer is developing at a particularly fast rate because of its immunosuppressive therapy, which is administered precisely to prevent rejection of the transplant.

Developing cancer after a transplant remains exceptional, but several cases have already been observed. In April 2018, a study of the American Journal of Transplantation reported the case of four European cancer patients several years after receiving donated organs from the same donor. The tumor of the donor could not be detected before the transplants.





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