A permanent commitment to well-being in Girardot

Girardot as a municipality of Cundinamarca has been historically recognized, among other things, as a commercial exchange center and an important provider of housing, recreation, leisure and tourism services, among others.

The economy of this territory, which recently commemorated its 169 years of history, is mainly concentrated in the sectors most affected by the pandemic, which represents great challenges for economic and social reactivation of a municipality that, according to the latest Dane census, exceeds 100,000 inhabitants, plus the floating population, which in the holiday season can triple this figure.

Precisely, since more than 24 years ago, The Compensar Family Compensation Fund has been extending the impact of its management to this region of the country, currently consolidating a network of solutions in tourism, housing, education, health, employment, entrepreneurship and various social impact projects in alliance with different public and private entities, in order to contribute to the integral well-being of children, adolescents, adults, the elderly and the general population.

Recreation and tourism: essential for well-being

Aware that rest is essential to improve people’s quality of life, the entity is committed to strengthening affordable social tourism, especially benefiting lower-income workers, and evidence of this are the nearly 189,000 visits registered so far this year at its Lagomar and Lagosol hotels, located in Girardot and Nilo, respectively, of which 69% correspond to affiliates in categories A and B, that is, those who earn less than 4 minimum wages.

In line with this philosophy and in order to increasingly improve the experience of its visitors, Compensar recently enabled new spaces in its Lagomar hotel, after completing a two-year project that included, among other things, the construction of 90 rooms and the improvement of some support services; intervention in which around 65 contractors or suppliers participated, helping to generate around 160 new jobs monthly through the work.

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“We now have 240 rooms, in addition, we built a semi-Olympic pool, installed two new slides, an area for children from 0 to 4 years old and another for children from 4 to 10, with sensory and physical stimulation activities. Likewise, we built a reading room for adults, 600 meters of trails, another restaurant and we designed a terrace area for nighttime activities, “he said. Victor Alvarado, Manager of Events, Food and Accommodation at Compensar.

On the other hand, and with the purpose of offering more and better alternatives to its visitors, Compensar recently began the construction of the first phase of a new water park at your Hotel Lagosol, that through the initial work will generate about 100 jobs.

Employment and entrepreneurship

In addition to the 300 direct jobs that Compensar generates in this area of ​​the country as an employer, to which indirect ones are added, through its Employment and Entrepreneurship Agency, it provides free support to companies in the region in their personnel selection processes; in addition to supporting the citizens of Girona in their search for employment and in the implementation of their business ideas.

“In the first semester of the year, more than 4,200 people at our headquarters in Girardot, of which 1,400 received job orientation and training in order to strengthen their skills and thus expand the options of finding a job according to their expectations. Thanks to this, about 400 people from the region have managed to find employment, “said María Isabel Carrascal, manager of the Compensar Employment and Entrepreneurship Agency.

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Strengthening the health offer

Advanced in its national expansion project in health, in the second semester of this year Compensar opened its own Services Unit to facilitate the care of its about 3,300 affiliates to the Mandatory Health Plan (POS) in the city.

It is a space of 260 square meters, with a projected capacity to serve more than 15,000 people with general medicine services, different specialties, occupational therapy, sampling, promotion and prevention, among others; also contributing to generate around 60 new jobs.

Early childhood protection

For 18 years and as a result of Union of efforts between the ICBF, the Municipal Mayor’s Office and the Compensation Fund, The Compensar Social Garden in Girardot provides comprehensive care to the most vulnerable children in the municipality, through educational, recreational and nutritional programs, annually benefiting around 300 minors between 0 and 5 years old, and their families.

In addition to this, in conjunction with various public and private entities, it permanently carries out actions aimed at contributing to the prevention of child labor and sexual exploitation of children and adolescents – ESCNNA, developing among other things, training workshops with the participation of collaborators and suppliers in the region.

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