A photo of Adél Csobot and Bence Istenes exchanging kisses: Insta exploded from her – Hungarian star

Divine Benedict then he met Csobot with Adélwhen the singer signed up for X-Factor and which she hosted in 2012.

They fell in love almost immediately, but they broke up in 2013 for some reason. They finally found each other again in 2014, their first son, Nathan, in 2016, the younger, and Adin, in 2018.

Divine Bence and Adob ​​Csobot in Italy

Not counting the few months spent separately, Bence Divine and Adél Csobot have been holding each other for good and bad for ten years this year. A relationship is never easy, and they’ve had ups and downs lately — they haven’t even kept it a secret. Their fans started to worry when they didn’t post a common picture on their social media for more than half a year

Divine Bence realized it would be best if he vented his head and fixed things within himself, so he cut himself alone for the famous pilgrimage, El Camino. The method has been proven since he returned home, and joint recordings can be seen again. The star recently romanticized in Italy, from where the singer-actress posted a cute kissing photo.

In our collection you can see the most romantic holiday photos of Adél Csobot and Bence Istenes from Sicily.

Cover photo: Instagram / Bence Istenes