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A plague of mice in Australia. Mice falling from the sky

by archyw

– Everything we can – we hide. The grain goes to silos, the rest goes to warehouses. However, mice can get there as well. Tyler Jones in Tullamore, who was raining mice while cleaning the conveyor, found it out, reports Australian journalist Lucy Thackray.

Australian farmers also point to another, very serious issue. Buying effective protective measures is very expensive. A survey conducted among farmers shows that as much as 94 percent. of them had to invest in poison and traps. Some have already spent over 150,000 on similar products. dollars.

Mice reproduce faster than rabbits

Mice can reproduce very efficiently and quickly. One female can give birth from 5 to 10 litters a year, and there may be up to 9 litters in each of them. In practice, this means up to 90 young per year.

This is not the first such strange plague in Australia this year. The town of Cassino in New South Wales took over 80,000. bats. Inhabitants were afraid to leave their houses and secured their windows with nets and other protective measures.

The presented recordings show how the sky darkens with the rise of a cloud of flying mammals. The local inhabitants complained mainly about the noise, mountains of excrement left by animals and a terrible stench.

The problem with bats in Australia is quite serious, and there’s nothing you can do about it. They are under protection. In the end, the plague of bats was banished, encouraging the animals to be moved to another, more secluded place.

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