A plane with 132 passengers on board crashed in China

A China Eastern Airlines plane with 132 passengers on board crashed in the mountains of southern China. Reuters reported today, referring to local media.

The number of victims is not yet officially known. However, according to Reuters, no one seems to have survived the accident.

The Chinese media initially reported that there were 133 people on the plane at the time of the disaster, but later reduced the number by one person and reported that there were 123 passengers and nine crew members on board.

Chinese state television reported that the plane was heading from Kunming to Canton. In the Chuang Autonomous Region of Guangxi, it had an “accident” that caused a fire on a mountain slope.

According to Reuters, it was a six-year-old Boeing 737-800. The machine, which started at 13:11 local time (6:11 our time), lost speed after 14:20 local time (7:20 our time) and then began to decline sharply. Contact with the plane was lost over the city of Wuzhou. Rescuers went to the place.

China has been one of the best in the world in terms of air safety in recent years, Reuters reports. The last civilian jet plane crash occurred there in 2010, when a Henan Airlines plane crashed in poor visibility as it approached Ichun Airport. Of the 96 people on board, 44 died.

China Eastern Airlines is one of the three largest Chinese airlines. It flies on a number of domestic and international routes and serves 248 different destinations, writes Reuters.

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