A plastic landscape, a fantastic work by Bruno Hernani for Regina

It will be a multisensory work of art.

A quote from:Bruno Hernani, artist and engineer

The artistic installation will be made of plastic from recycled bottles and animated by an electromagnetic device. The artist thus wants to represent a typical Saskatchewan landscape: a field of grass blown by the prairie wind. One way to communicate the positive influence of waste reduction on the environment.

Art and engineering

Bruno Hernani’s environmentalist work is the product of his training in environmental sciences and engineering. It’s something that’s deep inside me, explains the one who has an interdisciplinary doctorate from the University of Regina. Environmental engineering has led me to discover art in another way, but at the same time, art has led me to rediscover engineering, it’s a back and forth.

A study sketch for the future work of Bruno Hernani at the waste management center of the city of Regina.

Photo: Raphaële Frigon

An invitation to the public

Bruno Hernani invites the Reginese to participate in an artistic workshop in order to learn the techniques he will use in his work. I’m giving workshops to experiment with materials, show a bit of science, and we’ll do some artwork that people can take home too., explains the artist.

Engagement with the public is essential to the work, he said. The more we can interact and immerse in it, the better we can promote environmental values ​​in the community.

Workshops for the public will take place on Sundays, October 31 and November 7, from 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., at Neil Balkwill Civic Art Centre.

Bruno Hernani’s work will be on view at the Regina Waste Management Center in 2022.