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A pocket supervisor for the workday

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The implementation of the new daily record of working hours promises to evolve short-term supervision of the schedule in 3.5 million Spanish companies. The requirement to have a reliable, traceable and non-manipulable document to control the contracted and extraordinary hours without the Labor Inspectorate imposing sanctions of 6,000 euros has awakened a market of technological solutions that promise to comply with the law and avoid fines.

In fact, and in the absence of more precise instructions, any system that allows the Labor Inspectorate to access the registry and obtain a copy to contrast will be valid. This includes from an Excel sheet to magnetic stripes, passing through other more advanced modes. "As long as it is documented, entrepreneurs will have no problem, but they are the ones who know their business better than anyone and who can better decide how they do it ", explains Ana Ercoreca, president of the Association of Labor Inspectors, Ercoreca affirms that, in the absence of a model similar to the one distributed by Security Social between the companies to process the labor discharges, the advisers are recommending to the companies to computerize registers as the most practical way to comply with the law.

Basic requirements, complex technology

If the legal requirements are basic, the technology adds to the registry benefits that propose to take control of employees to precise and personalized levels. Implementing it in a mobile as an application rather than as a supervisor can be practical, although it requiresknowledge by the worker. With the principle that the less intrusive that system is, the lower the risk of violating the Data Protection Law, the new regulation has triggered a great activity.Large companies such as Microsoft or SAP, media companies such as Sage, Cucoren, B + Safe or evenstart upslike the French PayfitThey offer to digitize and outsource the human resources departments, try to get their offer to SMEs that until now were outside of their market.

The German multinational SAP, for example, offersmodules of 98 euros plus 8 euros per userfor a model of management of times of entry, exit and breaks (with round-trip buttons for various types of breaks with identification option by bar code). The model keeps track of all the information and can generate complete files of each employee filtering data.

Daily logging has served other companies such as the British Sage to complete its offer of benefits in human resources management programs. These services already help to plan shifts by work centers or departments, in addition to facilitating access to the system from any device and generate reports by employee and day activity, including accounting and transfer of overtime, nighttime or absenteeism.

Competition is intense among companies that offer their systems in this period of negotiation to implement their records and all advertise discounts. For small and medium-sized companies, Sage charges 190 euros for launching its system, in addition to a commission of 25.2 euros per employee and year. Their discounts are up to 40%, he assures in his commercial offer.

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