a police officer injured in the jaw during an intervention

A police officer was injured Tuesday after arresting a man suspected of being a drug dealer. Hit in the jaw, the official is now out of the hospital.

A police officer was injured Tuesday, June 8 during an intervention in the Dervallières district, in Nantes. The agent of the Specialized Field Brigade (BST) had just arrested, with his colleagues, a man during a transaction related to narcotics, has learned Le Figaro Wednesday from a police source.

Around noon on Tuesday, following the surveillance of a deal point on rue Bertreux, in the Dervallières district of Nantes, the BST which deals with the sector noted a narcotic operation. Two individuals were then arrested: the buyer and the accused, suspected of being the dealer, according to a police source.

While the respondent was placed in the police vehicle following his arrest, he kicked the jaw of the police officer who lost consciousness for a few seconds. The official was then transported to Nantes University Hospital by firefighters in order, in particular, to take exams. He is now out of the hospital.

Narcotics were found near the scene. Heroin and cannabis were seized, said the same police source. The policeman’s attacker has been in police custody since Tuesday.

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