A police vehicle fatally runs over a woman

“She was my sister, and I loved her very much…”

This is how heartbroken Joane Stoehr is, who says that the 52-year-old victim who was fatally struck by a New York police patrol Friday night in Far Rockaway, Queens, was her caregiver.

“It’s not going to be easy, she’s like family, like a sister to me, it’s not going to be easy,” Joane Stoehr, a friend of the victim, tells us sadly.

According to Stoehr, she had known the victim for 2 years, when she began to provide her services as a caretaker and every night they walked together on this corner.

But on Friday after completing her work, the woman, the victim, was heading home, near the area, where her two children were waiting for her, but she never arrived.

“These are her shoes and her earrings,” Stoehr shows us.

According to the preliminary investigation, on Friday night at about 8:30 p.m., the police patrol, in which four agents were traveling.

They were heading to an emergency call with their sirens and flashers activated when they lost control after colliding with another car trying to make a left turn at the intersection of Beach Channel Drive and Bay 32 Street.

In images that we obtained exclusively from surveillance cameras of the Food Universe Market Place supermarket, you can see the exact moment in which the police car gets on the sidewalkhitting the 52-year-old victim from behind, when she was standing right in the middle of the sidewalk.

Subsequently, the patrol car also collided with a parked car that was unoccupied.

The incident has caused much sadness in the area, especially to this young man

“It was a dark night, there are not many lights here, so I saw the woman in it, she put it there as a blanket and with a woman that she approached, and I asked her in English… Is she alive? And she told me that she did not move, if I was praying there, I was frozen, I did not know what to do ”, says Kevin García, witness to the accident.

The woman was identified by her friend as Rabbi Gafoor, originally from Guyana.

The accident remains under investigation.

The victim was taken to the Jamaica hospital, where he was declared dead, while the four agents were transferred to the Hospital