A policeman in Moscow shot a dog of a man who went to the lobby of the Tsvetnoy Boulevard metro station drunk. It is reported by Interfax, citing the head of the press service of the Department of Internal Affairs on the Moscow Metro Alexei Myshlyaev.

The incident occurred around 20.00. The man, according to Myshlyaeva, went to the station "intoxicated, in dirty clothes, with a dog without a muzzle and a leash." The police officer “politely asked the man to leave the lobby and began to lead him out of the station,” the police department said.

The man in response set the animal on the policeman. The dog began to grin, bark and rush at the police officer and other people. “At the moment when the situation got out of control, the policeman used a firearm against the dog. The animal died from the injured, ”Myshlyaev added.

An immediate response team and an investigative-operational ATC team on the metro left for the scene.

At the moment, the station is operating normally, and the incident was sent to the prosecutor’s office.



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