A potential future function of the Nintendo Switch identified in a patent


A function that will connect multiple screens! The possibilities offered by the latest console of the Japanese firm seem numerous. For proof: the Nintendo Labo allows to use cardboard to make objects allowing to use the Switch in the form of fishing rod, motorcycle, piano etc. In short, never playing has been so fun and changes greatly experience on consoles and PCs. And it’s not over since Digital Trends has been digging into the United States Patent and Trademark Office site and Nintendo is preparing a new function for its patent switch. A display on multiple screens A patent to link multiple screens USPTO / Nintendo This patent, filed in April 2017 – a year ago – details a new feature for the Nintendo Switch, portable console capable of offering hits formerly demanding a large hardware. Thanks to a real-time management of the positioning and axes of the console screen, the console is able to be connected to a second to create a new way of playing. Thanks to this feat, the image is not distorted and can be coupled to another slab to then play with his finger – one of the diagrams allows to observe what looks like a game of bowling. And that’s not all since, according to the images unearthed by Digital Trends, the number of screens that can be put one after another seems to be above the number of two. One hardly imagines the possible possibilities of gameplay with a consequent number of slabs and the proposal of a multiplayer. If such a patent is implemented, we can imagine the switches connected to each other via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: it will be necessary to tweak a little. It also remains to be seen whether the purchase of an accessory will be essential to take advantage of such a feature. Of course, the filing of this patent does not mean that such a product will ever exist.


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