a preventive vaccination center will open in Bel-Air on September 7

Monkeypox spreads rapidly. As of Tuesday August 9 at 12 p.m., 2,601 confirmed cases have been identified in France. In the Grand Est, on the same date, 64 people were detected carrying the virus, according to data from Public Health France. To fight against the spread, the Bel-Air hospital in Thionville is opening a preventive vaccination center from Wednesday, September 7. “We will vaccinate at the same place as for Covid, at the entrance to the hospital”, indicates a nurse. As a reminder, a post-exposure center – in the event of contact with a person carrying the disease – is located in Metz, at the Mercy hospital. “The vaccination will be carried out in connection with the infectious disease consultation”, specifies the CHR Metz-Thionville in its press release.

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105 meetings per week

The objective is to intensify vaccination, by “significantly” increasing the number of appointments, which would reach 105 per week. “The vaccination will be open every Wednesday. Appointments will be made on Doctolib”, explains this nurse. During the appointment, it is recommended to bring your vaccination or health record.

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To stem the spread of the virus, the High Authority for Health recommended preventive vaccination on July 7 for the groups most exposed to the virus. This concerns “men who have sex with men”, “transsexual people with multiple sexual partners”, “people in a situation of prostitution”, “professionals in a place of sexual consumption”.

A rash that can last two to three weeks

As a reminder, monkeypox can cause several symptoms –: fever, headache, muscle aches, back pain, loss of energy and swollen lymph nodes – “followed or accompanied by the appearance of pimples which can last two to three weeks,” according to the WHO. It is transmitted by “sexual route, respiratory route and skin contact”, concludes the health professional.