A preview of the documentary on addictions hosted by Marie-Mai is revealed

A preview of the new documentary Addicted: addiction disorders hosted by Marie-Mai has been unveiled and it looks quite interesting. Indeed, it is on the Instagram page of Channel Life that the preview of the new addiction documentary that will be released on January 25 has been released and it’s going to be intense.

“@mariemaireal tries to understand what addiction disorders are and addresses, for the first time, what it is like to see a loved one suffer from it. Addicted: addiction disorders, January 25 at 7 p.m. on Canal Vie”, we learned.

Marie-Mai also commented on the release of this new documentary presented by Canal Vie as part of the Bell Cause! “I always have the desire to deepen my knowledge and go to the end of my questions. This personal quest turned into a great human experience and led me to carry the documentary ACCRO: ADDICTIONAL DISORDERS. In ACCRO, I meet people from all walks of life struggling with addiction to better understand the challenges they face on a daily basis and the means to support them. I am convinced that this documentary will be able to inspire empathy and openness while highlighting resilience,” said Marie-Mai to let people understand what this project means to her!

The documentary will feature different stories from people affected by addiction, with the aim of creating a better understanding of the disorder. Marie-Mai will also explore the different ways in which addiction can be addressed and the resources available to those affected. This is an important step in destigmatizing addiction and creating a more open dialogue about the topic. Will you be tuning in on January 25th?