A quarter of Flemish people have already booked a summer trip | To travel

The clarity around the corona certificate and the free PCR tests make us want to travel. Especially young people and families with children have concrete travel plans. This is apparent from the VAB Summer Barometer reported by De Zondag.

Mobility organization VAB and research agency Ipsos twice held a representative sample of our travel intentions in recent months.

“Now that the conditions for travel have become clear, our wanderlust has been fueled,” said VAB spokeswoman Joni Junes. “27 percent of the respondents have already booked a trip, another 14 percent have concrete plans. Only one in five Flemings says they certainly will not go on a trip yet.”


The most important condition for going on holiday is that one does not have to be quarantined. We consciously choose countries and regions with a green or orange color code.

Since PCR testing is free for holidaymakers who have not yet been given the opportunity to fully vaccinate, that is also less of a stumbling block against going on holiday. In May, half of those surveyed indicated that they would not travel if a PCR test was mandatory, now it is 21 percent.

The vaccination campaign also plays a role in travel intentions. For one in three people in their thirties and forties, full vaccination is a precondition for going on holiday. This is less the case for young people up to the age of 24 (18 percent). Half of the over-55s indicate that they only travel after complete vaccination.

Holiday in your own country

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About one in two of those surveyed say they will continue to spend their holiday in their own country. Families with children and older people choose to travel in their own country or a neighboring country, especially to France. “We suspect that the sharp increase for a holiday in Belgium has to do with the vaccination campaign. Not everyone has been fully vaccinated yet, especially not the children. Eight out of ten families also travel by car,” concludes Junes.

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